Welcome to Lompensenteret

Welcome to Lompensenteret, the worlds northernmost shoppingcentre.

"Lompensenteret" is located in the centre of Longyearbyen and has 14 different stores/restaurants.

The center has reataurants, café and pub, in addition to various wellnessfacilities such as a hairsalon, massage and skincare. At Lompensenteret you will also find a good selection of hiking and sportsequipment in the sportsshops. Souvenirshops with souvenirs and unique gifts from Svalbard. A clothingstore, jewellerystore and pharmacy can also be found at the centre.

In Svalbard all goods are excl. VAT so here you can really make a lucrative trade.



Eat and dining at Lompensenteret!

We have two great restaurants, a café and a pub at Lompensenteret. Read more and see the openinghours here.



Openinghours may vary from the different stores. See all our opening hours here.

Longyearbyen community guidelines

We who live here believe we live completely ordinary lives. However, visitors may perceive our everyday life as extraordinary.

We recommend you to read Longyearbyen Community Guidelines.